Our Creator Programme is a transformational course specially designed to transform your child from a consumer of play, to an enterprising creator of experiences at showcase standards. Our unique pedagogy sow the seeds of key skillsets - coding, 3D design and entrepreneurship - into your child’s educational development by building games. The Creator Programme imparts a fun end-to-end experience from building, designing, coding to publishing their own 3D game as a virtual business owner. As your child attains proficiency, typically at the third or fourth game she publishes, your child will be invited to participate in our showcase event to display her talents. We have a solid track record of running large-scale showcases of our creators’ works at the National Museum, Singapore Art Museum and The Art House. Potential creators may also be entered into competitions. Our creator trained under Presence Pictures won the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor’s award in 2021.


Programme Description

Our Creator Programme takes place in a 3D gamified environment where your child is an aspiring entrepreneur in the form of a 3D avatar character. Your child controls this character and journeys from location pins to pins on the world map to complete theory tutorials and practical gigs. The theory component of each class requires your child to learn concepts by creatively solving games created by Presence Pictures and other creators. The practical component requires your child to do hands-on building to apply the knowledge they have acquired.


3D Design

At the beginning, your child will learn to design a simple 3D platforming game on the X and Z axis using our Grid Map system. This introduces your child to the visual contrast of 2-dimensional shapes in a 3-dimensional space and is an important aspect of developing 3D spatial thinking in 3D design. Your child will also be taught some basic coding scripts to inject interaction into this beginner game level. As your child progresses along with our curriculum, she will deepen 3D design thinking with the addition of Y axis, scaling, translation and rotation using our Perspective Map system.



With the ability to construct a proper 3D space, your child will start to increase interactivity in her space. Across lessons, your child is progressively taught to code more advanced interactions that will up the fun of the game. At the same time, your child will pair up her coded interactions with appropriate pictures to give meaning to her world. The Creator Programme grants your child access to thousands of pictures to personalise the look and feel of her game based on your child’s entrepreneurial ambition, for example, a restaurateur, a theme park operator, a space travel business owner, a medical facility boss, etc. Our Presence Pictures app also helps assess your child’s transformation by tracking her/his development and performance in key skillsets.



During this entire creative process, your child also applies the Lean Startup methodology as an entrepreneur. Your child discovers the power of testing, customer feedback, peer reviews and iterative design in our simulated digital economy. At intervals, your child will conduct user testing of her build and submits work-in-progress to the Licence Centre in our 3D gamified environment. The work will receive comments, ideas and suggestions to help your child improve the game. Finally, your child sees the fruition of her work when the game is published as a business to a location pin on the world map. Your child attains ownership of a virtual business which she will continue to grow, manage and earn from like a real entrepreneur!

"It is rare to find a programme that is tailored to a child's ability and not pegged to her age."

— Olivia Tay, Mother of Presence Creator

Programme Requirements

To ensure that your child’s learning experience in the Creator Programme is seamless, please take note of the following pre-requisites and key dates.


Your child must have access to:

  • an iPhone (8 Plus and above) with GPS and microphone enabled
  • 3 hours of classes weekly. This means a total of 3 hours mobile screen time per week, spread across scheduled theory and practical classes.
  • Stable wifi connection
  • Earphones (wired connection preferred)

Key Dates

We are now open for registration of classes on the dates below. All students will be enrolled into our Creator Programme.

  • Registration period: 13 October 2021 to 26 November 2021
  • Programme commences from: 5 December 2021

Creator Age

We accept students from 6-years old and up onto our Creator Programme. There is visual storytelling in the 3D learning environment so 6-year olds will expect to develop higher reading interest.

Next steps

Keen to sign up your child? Take these steps to kickstart your child on her learning journey to code beautiful 3D worlds:

  1. Sign up and pay for the programme using this link. Please have your credit card ready.
  2. Register yourself and your child with the web form presented after the payment page.
  3. Check your email. You will receive a payment receipt and a Welcome Package from us.
  4. Check out your Welcome Package and find out more!

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