Importance of Coding

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Language of our future

Coding is the new literacy of the future. Our world now is one that is heavily reliant on technology. Our dependence on technology and machines will only increase even more in the future, never less. Coding is becoming a part of every industry. Eventually, knowing the language of machines might become a basic skill that is expected of us, with how prevalent machines are in our lives. Just look around us, there is an app to manage every single life problem we could dream up, many of which are coded by young people these days. An early introduction to coding may allow children to develop an interest and begin honing their skills at an earlier stage. Eventually, they may even join the technological industry and contribute to it with their skillset.

Future Careers

Computer science is one of the fastest growing career fields. There is no doubt that learning to code will open up future career opportunities but the benefits of coding are more than that. Specific programming languages currently in use may or may not be used in the future but we do know that skills coding teaches us like abstraction, task-analysis, structure and problem-solving will always be necessary and highly sought after. Many of the technology giants today were created by young people. Facebook was invented by a 20-year old. Snapchat by a 21-year old. Reddit by a 22-year old and Google by a 25-year old. All of them started coding young. When young people code, they are solving problems of interest for their generation. The products that they develop can turn into business opportunities to license or sell in the future.

"Eunice and Edmund are great educators and nurturers. Beyond being great teachers who teaches and passes knowledge, they spent time to invest in the social and emotional learning of their students."

— Pei Shi, Parent

Improves academic performance

Coding builds skills in computational thinking. Children learn to structure their tasks, divide large tasks into individual steps, create theories, test their ideas, detect and fix errors, and develop logic patterns. While some may say these skill can also be honed by math, coding allows children to learn in a more creative and experiential manner that can appeal to some kids in ways that traditional academics does not.

Logical Thinking

Computer coding involves using the more rational side of your brain, which is used for linear thinking, sequencing and applying logic to most situations. Children, however, predominantly use the right-hand side of their brain in order to solve problems through imagination, visualisation and intuition. In order to programme a computer, you need to be able to relay a structured set of instructions and break down problems in a methodical way. Coding teaches kids how to find a logical solution to a problem using a sequence of steps, actions or instructions. It helps your child to develop problem-solving skills. Therefore, coding teaches and inspires children to view the world from a different way from young.

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