First-of-its-kind Creative 3D Thinking Programme

Our curriculum

In March 2017, Presence Pictures launched the world’s first creative 3D thinking programme, Presence Pictures Programme, enabling children as young as 4 years old to create virtual reality worlds in 3-dimensional space just by drawing. Using our proprietary templates and technology, children can easily create, visualise and ‘teleport’ themselves into their imaginative worlds in virtual spaces. To-date, more than 5000 children have drawn and explored their worlds with us.

Achieving beyond their years

Our unique curriculum has since produced a pool of talented young creators aged 4 to 12 years old. Their works were exhibited at Presence Playscape at National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Art Museum in 2017 and 2018. We further trained a number of promising creators to elevate their works to larger-scale tech experiences staged at Presence Carnival for the Singapore Night Festival.

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In 2018, we staged an experiential carnival, PRESENCE Carnival, at the Singapore Arts Musuem as part of the Singapore Night Festival 2018. PRESENCE Carnival attracted more than 2000 visitors in 10 hours, with long queues each night for every VR and AR experience designed with our young creators. This 2019, for the third year running, we are holding an exclusive event at The Arts House. Entry to this showcase is by-invitation only from our creators to celebrate their achievements with 3D play!

Presence Pictures Programme

Learning Is Radically Different With Us

Our programme is long-form, designed to follow through an evolving creative journey with your child at his or her pace. In the process, we help identify your child’s strengths and interests so as to personalise the learning accordingly.

Presence Pictures Programme

We grow with your child

All students jumpstart with our elementary class, Presence Pictures World 1. This class has a 30-hour curriculum and is 40-hour at minimum up to showcase stage. Presence Pictures is your child’s first exposure to creating a world in 3D virtual space. Upon completion of World 1, we will discuss with the parent our observations and recommend the roadmap for higher levels. Students can then progress to expand their creative worlds at intermediate and advanced levels, and eventually masterclasses. At these levels, the total hours per level vary from child to child. This is because every child has a unique world, and a different ambition for the outcome and quality of his or her project using new skills learnt at each level.

Presence Pictures Programme

We nurture your child strengths.

We grow with your child. As your child is learning with us, we are constantly understanding his or her personality, interest, preference, aptitude, idiosyncrasy, etc. from everything we do together. From there, we formulate the approach to optimise learning according to your child’s focus span, and to engage your child in ways that sustain the joy of learning for the long-run. Nurturing takes time but the results is worth it. Learning at Presence Pictures is a journey, not a race; we go by your child’s pace so he or she can get the most out of learning enjoyably.

Presence Pictures Programme

Fun classes

Almost always, our classes are lively with children sharing their day, stories, ideas, toys and playing together before or after class. They talk to think. They move to think. They play to think. As a creative centre, we welcome children to become Presence Creators and express themselves in ways that define them. We help these children incubate their ideas no matter big or small, and impart to them 3D thinking and illustrative skills to create the worlds they envision in 3D virtual space. Every outcome as we see it, has always been exciting and rewarding for our creators when they literally step into their own imaginative worlds using Presence Pictures technology. Find out more about our classes below and how your child will benefit from them.

Class Overview

This elementary class is your child's first exposure to creative 3D thinking. Your child will be expressing ideas by creating them in 3D virtual space. Using art, 3D thinking and Presence Pictures patent-pending technology, your child will create a 360-degree virtual reality world.

Presence Pictures World 1

Class Description

This class outlines the difference between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional (“3D”) shapes and how 3D shapes are creatively used to construct many useful objects and spaces in our real world through an inspirational outdoor tour with us. With this knowledge, your child will learn to create the first cubic world using basic perspective, drawing and colouring techniques. You child will put his knowledge on 3D shapes to practice using the Presence Pictures Playscape app – form their drawings into a cube and step into their world in virtual reality (“VR”). Upon completion of Presence Pictures World 1, your child gains access to intermediate and advanced levels, and masterclasses. Pre-requisite: Presence Pictures Audition

Presence Pictures World 1

Class Objectives

As a result of this course, your child will be able to:

  • Express their creative thinking in 3D
  • Differentiate 3D shapes from 2D shapes
  • Draw opaque and transparent cubes and cuboids using parallel lines and measurements.
  • Transform cubes/cuboids by drawing, using additive and subtractive modelling, into useful 3D objects such as a chair, table, building and other objects
  • Identify real-life 3D structures constructed from multiple 3D shapes using additive and subtractive modelling in the outdoor tour.
  • Use a camera to frame the 2D and 3D elements in different angles of perspective
  • Learn to draw the lines, curves and shapes of these elements with and without instruments.
  • Plan and draft the elements with basic perspective onto Presence Pictures proprietary drawing templates
  • Develop simple visual storytelling
  • Apply colours and textures to the world
  • Form the world in VR using Presence Pictures Playscape app
  • Explore their own world in VR!

"I appreciate that so much effort is put into tailoring the learning approach to suit each child's interests."

— Mdm Seah, Mother of Presence Creator
Higher Level Classes

Intermediate, Advanced and Masterclass

Students of Presence Pictures, Presence Creators, need to complete their elementary class ‘Presence Pictures World 1’ before embarking on higher levels. Some areas in which our creators have demonstrated excellence include:

Visual Storytelling

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual storytelling is an effective tool in communication and persuasive presentation. Presence Creators will learn to use their drawings as effective visual aids to present a coherent, succinct narrative in 3D space. They learn to guide as well as intrigue the viewer on key message(s) they want to share.

Digital Illustration

Knowing how to effectively and efficiently use digital mediums and softwares to create is imperative for the digital generation. Presence Creators will apply knowledge that they garnered in elementary class onto a digital medium. Using tablet and stylus, they will learn professional-grade applications and equipment to illustrate their ideas and creative worlds.


Coding is literacy in the present digital age. Coding enables children to become creators, not just consumers of technology. Presence Creators will develop computer programs to create interactivity in their 3D virtual worlds. They will learn the power of interactivity and how this is an effective tool to deeply engage users of their experiences.

Digital Music

Music conveys emotions. Presence Creators will learn fundamental music theory and digitally create melodies and sound effects to accentuate mood and feelings for their 3D virtual worlds.

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