Why learn to code ugly 2D games with Scratch when your child can code beautiful 3D worlds with Presence Pictures.

With Presence Pictures, your child learns the same computational thinking that Scratch courses offer and MORE. Instead of making an ugly 2D Scratch game that she plays by herself, with Presence Pictures she codes a beautiful 3D world that she is proud to play in with her friends. Scratch out ugly. Make the beautiful choice with Presence Pictures.

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Starting your child on coding?

Most coding schools start teaching the basics of coding with Scratch. However, children end up coding ugly 2D games that they can only play alone. We thought there can be a better way. We spent years working with numerous children to create a beautiful alternative to Scratch. Presence Pictures is a course and app that not only teaches computational thinking and problem-solving skillsets Scratch courses offer, but also 3D design and entrepreneurship. Instead of coding ugly 2D games, our creators code beautiful 3D worlds they can play in with their friends. Make the beautiful choice with Presence Pictures.

"I really wanted my daughter (7 year old) to learn coding but Scratch failed to sustain her interest. When I turned to Presence Pictures, I was very happy that she learns the same skills yet with more impressive results. My daughter loves the beautiful designs. Now she’s constantly engaged in coding her space, frequently asking me, ‘Is it nice here papa, or there?’"

— Mr Tan, parent

"I thought my kids wouldn’t be keen in coding. Enrolling both my girl (10 years) and boy (7 years) in Presence Pictures is the right choice I made. Somehow their programme is so cleverly designed that it really draws my kids attention and gets them excited building. Now they are even competitive, trying to outbeat each other’s ranking with their game designs. Highly recommended."

— Patricia, parent

"I tried coding my 3D game using other software but they are just too difficult to use. I gave up. But with Presence Pictures, I can easily code my favourite game. Plus I can play games, explore so many worlds, earn coins and be an entrepreneur. Not just all coding which is what I like."

— Hong Wei, 11 years old

"I love every Presence Pictures class! I like flora and fauna and am now creating a beautiful garden for my showcase. There are still so many ideas I want to build. I really want to be a successful creator and become a professional."

— Rachel, 8 years old


Unlike monotonous online lessons of zoom videos, digital assignments and textbooks, our classes are highly interactive with frequent touchpoints with our in-game mentors. Presence Pictures not only teaches the same computational thinking and problem-solving skillsets that Scratch offers, but also 3D design and entrepreneurship. Presence Pictures imparts theory knowledge by engaging your child with storylines, missions and chat dialogues that unfold as your child plays games and interacts with characters. With the theory knowledge, your child applies it through our inspiring practicals where she builds her worlds. What’s more, we made it easy for your child to learn - she can attend classes, code, create and publish works anywhere from the mobile phone.


Code interactive stories, games and animations. Publish your creations and show the world!

3D Design

Build beautiful worlds in 3D space. Inject your design aesthetics for that wow factor!


Launch your games as businesses. Become an entrepreneur in our simulated digital economy!


Presence vs Scratch

Let the results speak for themselves. These are 3D games done by Presence Pictures Creators and 2D games done by kids using Scratch. Click on them to watch the videos.

Our Achievements

Our creators (as young as 4 years old) have proudly exhibited their outstanding 3D worlds at National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum and The Arts House. More than 10,000 people viewed their exhibitions. Another one of our creator who started learning coding and 3D design with us at Primary 2, went on to become the youngest coder to win the 2021 Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor’s Award. To-date, thousands of children have enjoyed 3D games and virtual reality experiences coded by Presence Pictures' creators. Learn more

Educational institutions and ministries that entrusted students and edutech programmes with Presence Pictures:

Subscription Plans

Our plans are designed with you and your child in mind. As educators having taught many children for years and seeing how resounding success came to those who commit to regular longer-term learning, we came up with three plans to take your child through their learning development with Presence Pictures, from a first-timer all the way to a professional.

Of all plans, we highly recommend our Creator Quarterly Plan. This plan encourages your child to cultivate a commitment to learning new skills. At the same time, the plan gives the parent the best value for money in both the short and long run. For every 2 months learning by the child, we reward her with a 3rd month of learning free! Yes, you save one month’s fee for every 2 months of classes! Because we know how it takes time for children to settle into habitual learning and become proficient in new skillsets. We offer this extraordinary value as we want your children to see good results in themselves. Sometimes, children are so close to success but they give up or are made to give up too early to taste it. You can help your child cultivate a commitment to learning and fortify her chances of success!

Creator (Monthly Plan)

Start up plan for trial creators

  • Cost per month - $680
  • Subscription plan payable every month
  • Access to our library of learning curriculum, creative resources and games

Creator (Quarterly Plan)

Best value plan for result-oriented creators

  • Cost per month - $680 $480
  • Subscription plan payable every 3 months
  • Huge savings of $660 over 3 months. That’s as good as 1 month of class free from us!
  • Access to our library of learning curriculum, creative resources and games

Professional Creator

Entrepreneurial plan for creators, teachers and businesses.

  • Cost per month - $1680
  • Subscription plan payable every month
  • Market to reach your audiences
  • Create your own picture assets to convey your messages
  • Convert Presence coins into real money
  • Many more features! Enquire now.

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