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Presence Pics is a transformational programme for our children living in today's digital economy. Our programme transforms your child’s natural instinct to play, into an entreprenerial desire to create and sell. Our programme teaches your child to build 3D games he or she loves and monetise them as a virtual business owner of their creations. Through our gamified curriculum, your child learns skillsets that matter in excelling in the new digital world we live in - 3D spatial thinking, programming, entrepreneurship, visual design, creative problem-solving and digital knowledge. Sign up and let your child take charge of his future in the digital economy!

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What your child learns

Digital age has vastly changed childhood today. Digital experiences have become our children’s daily encounters. Yet, there are limited constructive resources to train and aspire young children to become leaders in this digital world. We have developed a programme that transforms your child from a passive consumer of digital play, to an active creator of digital experiences, to an aspiring expert in the digital industry. This transformation future-proofs your child by developing key smarts that matter across his educations and careers in the digital economy.

Every lesson by Presence Pictures is designed with a clear purpose of boosting your child’s smarts in 3D spatial thinking, programming, visual design, creative problem-solving, entrepreneurship and digital knowledge. Your child thinks better and smarter at every play. Sign up for our programme and your child gains access to our:

  • Patented training curriculum to boost your smarts
  • A.I. smarts tracker to personalise your progress
  • Hundreds of digital panels to create your games
  • Thousands of digital pictures to design your themes
  • Entrepreneurship Simulator to manage your arcade businesses
  • Showcases to market your creations

3D spatial thinking

Your child builds worlds in 3D space with Cartesian geometry, a critical skill in developing digital experiences, VR, AR, etc.


Your child creates script programs to perform interactions and tasks in 3D worlds, a pivotal skill in automation and efficiency.


Your child opens his own business of 3D games in a simulated economy.

Visual design

Your child designs the aesthetic appeal of 3D worlds with illustrations, typography, space, layout and colour, an essential skill in optimising user experience.

Creative problem-solving

Your child solves 3D challenges through thinking-out-of-box strategies, a fundamental skill in ideation and innovation.

General Digital Knowledge

Your child discovers digital-related information, news, trends, innovations through chat-based challenges with in-game avatars

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How your child learns

Daily fun sets the tone of our programme. Weekly achievements set the goal of our programme. Through our game-based learning approach, your child will see learning and fun as one. Our classes are revolutionarily enjoyable yet results driven. Following our one-year programme roadmap, your child will produce 3D worlds of showcase standard using 3D spatial thinking, creative problem-solving, visual design and programming. These are no doubt advanced topics for young kids, but we dare guarantee the result with our track records. Undertaking Presence Pics programme future-proofs your child’s success in a world of constant change driven by technological innovations.

Your child will undergo both theory and practical lessons in the app. As a simple illustration, it’s like learning to play the piano. He has to learn music theory, and practise playing the piano on a sustain effort to play one piece well. Your child will learn the theory about cartesian geometry, programming, etc. through play, as they negotiate through 3D environments a game character, fun exciting theory classes! Another extraordinary difference is that our practical lessons are designed with easy and constant access to education in mind. No matter the time, weather, pandemic, all registered children with Presence Pictures will be able to creatively build anytime, anywhere and share real-time their showcases simply through an iPhone. Learn more


Unlike monotonous online lessons of zoom videos, digital assignments and textbooks, our classes are highly interactive with frequent touchpoints with our in-game mentors. Presence Pics imparts theory knowledge by engaging your child with storylines, missions and chit chat dialogues that unfold as your child plays games and interacts with characters. Our lesson begins with your child (“Emily”) meeting her cartoon mentor at the lab in a 3D environment. Emily appears as a 3D avatar and moves it to interact with characters and objects. Emily’s Mentor shows her the build model she is creating today. To create so, she needs to learn translation to move panels across X, Y, and Z axis. The Mentor recommends that Emily visits a location pin called ‘Ninja Escape’ for this module. Ninja Escape is a demonstration game that illustrates how parkour challenges are made with moving panels across each axis. Emily then activates the Map Machine and teleports herself from the mentor’s lab to the pin ’Ninja Escape’.

Step 1


We augment the learning process with play because fun helps children retain information better. Emily arrives at Ninja Escape and chats with a ninja game master who explains how to win the game. As Emily overcomes challenges in the game, she discovers coding scripts that the ninjas used to create the traps in their ninja dojo. Emily has fun, wins and understands vividly through active play, how the theory lines up with the outcome of the game. Emily is rewarded with coins for her achievement. She also uncovered the secret shop that ninjas frequent to purchase pictures to design their game and dojo. Now Emily is inspired to try to build her own using the new knowledge.

Step 2


Emily is now in the mood for build. She keys in the secret address and teleports herself to the shop. Using her coins, Emily purchases pictures she desires to design her own ninja game and then exits to Build Mode. Applying the knowledge she gained from the fun theory module, Emily uses the Grid Map and Perspective Map systems to move her panels along X, Y, and Z axis to create her desired 3D space. Emily experiments with trial and error but continues to build to her satisfaction. This part of the lesson bridges theory and practical. Applied learning allows your child to be hands-on, experiment, learn from mistakes and execute creative problem-solving skills.

Step 3


Time is up for Build. Emily teleports back to the Mentor’s lab. Emily is an aspiring entrepreneur who adopts the lean startup approach. She activates the Licence Centre Machine to submit her work-in-progress for progressive user testing and feedback. Her build will be reviewed with suggestions provided. Emily is motivated to do as she is rewarded with coins whenever a feedback is solicited. As an entrepreneur, Emily needs capital to grow her creation and business. The Mentor ends off by recommending other games published by creators to inspire Emily to open her own business in future. Emily may play and review other creator’s published game businesses at her own time. During the week before the next class, Emily may proactively create new ideas to build games with her own individuality.

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Creator (6-Month Subscription)

For result-oriented creators learn more

  • $480 per month
  • Save $200 per month when you commit for 6 months.
  • More resources to create with
    • 2000 digital panels
    • 20 permanent save slots
    • 20 coding scripts



For general creators

  • $680 per month
  • More resources to create with
    • 2000 digital panels
    • 20 permanent save slots
    • 20 coding scripts


Professional Creator

For entrepreneurial creators, teachers and corporates

  • $1280 per month
  • Reach your audiences
  • Convert Presence coins into real money
  • Maximum resources at your disposal:
    • 10,000 digital panels
    • 100 permanent save slots
    • Unlimited coding scripts

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