Our Approach

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Creative Haven

We are a haven for all creative ideas. We make deliberate efforts to create a fun and inviting environment that stimulates curiosity and creativity. Children are given freedom to express their wildest imaginative stories and be experimental with us. Our creative approach have since helped many children to fire up their imagination to derive amazing ideas and solutions. The entries we receive for our showcases often leave us in awe, and you will be blown away by the Creative worlds dreamt up by our creators.

Personalised learning

We say YES to individualised learning. Every child is unique in ideas and abilities. Hence each Presence Creator gets to create his/her own world unique from others, instead of following cookie-cutter themes. We plan the roadmap of your child based on interest and strength, not by age. To facilitate personalised learning, we also coach according to the learning pace and focus span of your child so that the process of learning is always enjoyable.

"I feel Amelie has developed intricate observation skills and I am happy she is always enthusiastic about learning more from her teachers."

— Olivia Tay, Mother of Presence Creator

Play Matters

We believe passionately that PLAY is central to creative thinking. We take PLAY very seriously! Play sets imagination free and energises the mind. Playtime in our classes is powered by Presence Pictures technology. So play at Presence Pictures is more than meets the eye; it has fun, 3D thinking, problem solving and technology all rolled into one. Children love it!

Flexible scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your child’s learning schedule and pace. We understand that scheduling is tough for working parents and that your child has also other activities to attend. We leave it to the parents to choose the best time to learn with us for their child. As long as the slot you desire is suitable and available, we are happy to accommodate your booking. You also need not worry about missing classes due to holiday plans, exigencies, unexpected commitments, etc. We will continue the lesson with from where it was left off on any replacement day that suits.

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